Offered products and services

M Computers s.r.o. provides complex and effective IT solutions that meet all of the customer’s needs. Our success is based on our team of qualified professionals who are systematically and continuously trained.

  • Supercomputers (HPC)

    We specialize in designing and delivering supercomputers and related high performance computing (HPC) technologies. Our specialists will advise you on designing the most suitable server architecture, finding optimal server, interconnect, storage, management software, HPC optimization configurations to maximize the use of computing resources.

  • NVIDIA DGX systems

    We are an authorized partner of NVIDIA for the sale of DGX supercomputer systems developed specifically by NVIDIA to address machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). DGX systems are currently the most powerful hardware for these tasks and a complete software stack including all the most commonly used ML environments (TensorFlow, Caffe, Torch, Theano, …) deployed in Docker containers or data analytics applications.

  • IT infrastructure


    We design and deliver complete IT infrastructure to customers from government and self-government, multinational corporations and small and medium-sized businesses. We are following the latest trends in IT and we are discussing with our customers. We are specialists in server, disk, backup, network, cloud, and IT infrastructure related design

  • Lenovo products

    Lenovo ThinkPad

    We run the largest Lenovo showroom in Moravia, a dedicated e-shop and we are authorized Lenovo service.

  • Kingston SSD disks

    Kingston’s Data Centre 500 (DC500R / DC500M) and DC450R series of solid-state drives are high-performance 6Gbps SATA SSDs that use the latest 3D TLC NAND. They can increase productivity for AI, machine learning, big data analytics, cloud computing, software-defined storage, operational databases (ODB), database applications and data warehousing.

  • Management of your IT

    We provide flexible IT management to multinational corporations and small businesses. We offer rental of computer systems and software, HW warranty and post-warranty service, IT optimization incl. security solutions. We will find a solution for you as well.

  • Technical support

    Authorized Lenovo and IBM warranty and after-warranty service, remote telephone help, hotline 24×7 contracted customers, or helpdesk system for service requirements.

  • Permanent data erasing

    Permanent removal of magnetically written data as well as non-functioning hard disks and data tapes. Data will be irrevocably and non-recoverably deleted without physical damage to the disk. These can then be returned to the manufacturer or disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

  • Hardware testing

    Test the hardware in your IT infrastructure and make sure that the money invested in acquiring new equipment and technologies is right. We offer the ability to test HPC platforms like servers, processors, or SSDs.